Business English

Are you looking for institute to learn business English in Delhi? We are here to serve your needs. Whether you are an individual eager to enhance your grasp on English language professionally or you are a corporate house looking for some business English certificate course in Delhi, our modules will guide you to attain the desired results.

As is known, Delhi is the commercial capital of India and hence, there is always a high demand for professionals who are well versed in English language proficiency (both verbal and written). There exists a fine line between the Basic English speaking professionals and business English speaking professionals.

Our business English modules (as discussed in next paragraphs) will help you to diminish the gap and provide you a platform for rising up in the career.

English module: guides on speaking English flawlessly, especially using the corporate vocabulary.

Day-to-day conversations module: guides on finalizing appointments, making negotiations and discussing different topics of presentation, while taking a professional approach.

Business Communication module: guides on taking a professional approach to speak English. It highlights on using appropriate business vocabulary in contrast to common words.

Basic telephone etiquettes module: guides on perusing teleconferences and similar business meetings in a professional manner.

Business letters and e-mail writing module: guides on drafting business letters and other business documents such as: e-mails, memos, minutes of meeting; using appropriate format.

Please note that we can customize the modules to suit your requirements.

Every module includes access to business English training course material, includes: business English raining books and videos for educating the students. Useful business English tips are provided at the end of each chapter for an easy understanding.

Whether you are an individual or an institutions or any big corporate house; we have a module dedicated to you. We specialize in providing Business English training workshops for corporate houses. Please feel free to contact our representative for conducting a session for you and any related information.