About Us

ENGLISH SHIKSHA was established for supplementing the educational effort of the higher education – schools and colleges. This was also formed with a view to make students job ready and build up their confidence. As it was felt that even professionals working in various industries needed mentoring and support for making them more proficient in their work and free from any kind of fear. Confidence and courage building exercises for students and professionals were devised. It is a continuous effort to keep on improving these exercises and procedures for the benefit of all.

Reaching out to the under-privileged section of the society and rendering all necessary help to deserving, talented persons for developing their skills will also be the focus of ENGLISH SHIKSHA.


  • Promoting the development of soft skills including Voice & Communication
  • Utilisation of literature as a vibrant tool for creating a positive literary environment and for the betterment of society.
  • Encouraging publication of literary material.
  • Encouraging valued based education, and helping improve quality of education.
  • Creating an awareness and inculcating civic sense among people.

Our Activities:

  • Training programmes in Voice, Communication and Personal Development.
  • Objective oriented programmes for development in English language including Business English, Corporate English, Basic Spoken English, Written Communication etc.
  • Train the trainer programme Corporate Training for leading companies and institutions.
  • Cultural & other social Development Activitie.