Soft Skill Training

Soft skills are the most relevant skills in today’s corporate life. These are sum total personality traits etiquette social graces & personal habits.    

Soft skills training forms a crucial role in executive training in any organization. Get yourself enrolled into soft skills training in Delhi; with us and increase your chances of employability.

Some most notable soft skills development modules include:

Business Etiquettes skills: train you on the presenting yourself with poise in a business environment. It covers telephone conversation etiquettes and email writing etiquettes as well.

Business Communication skills: train you on English communication skills (both verbal and written), presentation skills (both business and marketing) and business correspondence (both verbal and written).

Assertive communication skills: train you on acquiring assertive communication skills. Interestingly, it teaches you the art of saying ‘No’.

Negotiation Skills: train you on identifying the negotiation situation and negotiating the deals into your favour.

Stress Management skills: train you on various stress management techniques in order to cope up with stress and how to increase your productivity, even in stressful situation.

Other skills: We also offer other soft skills training programs in addition to those listed here.