Communication Skills

Communication is the most powerful tool to impress & influence others.
Communication skills equip a person with the habits of interacting with others effectively and in a good manner. Communication can either be between two people or with a group of people. Both the channels require a certain code of conduct that needs to be followed in order to communicate a message from the speaker to the listener; in an effective manner.

We, being a leading personality development institute offer communication skills classes in Delhi. We teach our candidates on how to improve communication skills. A special focus is laid on speaking skills; especially English communication skills.
In additional to this type of voice modulation pause & type of body language to impress upon others

• Business communication skills module (includes Email and letter writing skills):    teaches the art of communicating within the official hierarchy. It covers messages passed down the hierarchy and up-ward communications as well.

• Telephone communication skills module: teaches telephone etiquettes. It covers conversations wherein the participants cannot see each other.

• Interview communication skills: includes group discussions.

Please note that we can customize the modules to suit your requirements.

On getting enrolled into the program each candidate will be provided with customized communication skills course material.